Hot off the presses!

Published on by Charlie Boatner.

I am jazzed…just visited a print shop and accepted a proof for printing my first small zine. 

I have a table (half a table) at the MoCCA Arts Festival Small Press comics show  April 1 and 2, in Manhattan.  The image above is its poster by Becky Cloonan.  I’ll be selling a zine reprinting the first 36 “Bureau of Beasties” strips.  Plus a Stunning Full Color Cover!

(Table H 259B)

So, that’s what I’ve been doing instead of posting new installments – I’ve been formatting the PDF files for the zine.  That’s my excuse.  To receive email messages announcing when the strip updates, please contact me at CBOATNER aht IGC doht ORG or via my Feedback page.